What if?


Inspired by the wonderful gals over at Red Balloon (www.weareredballoon.com), this note card is for getting fired up, pursuing curiosity, and encouraging others around you!

The Red Balloon Gals live their lives pursuing creativity, collaboration, curiosity, grace & celebration. The girls often host "Why Workshops" and sessions in which they only start sentences with "What if?" This allows their conversations to go in directions that they might not otherwise have gone - it is a really fun way to push yourself to innovate and explore exciting new concepts!

Celebrate and encourage each other in discovering the strange creative jewels that reside in each of us. Stay curious, stay passionate, stay creative.

Product Description:

  • 4" x 5.5" horizontal folded greeting card
  • Comes with an envelope and plastic sleeve
  • Designed, printed in small batches & hand packaged in Halifax, Nova Scotia
  • Free shipping in Canada

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