Dusty Rose Magnolias

Dusty Rose Magnolias


These earrings are handmade out of brass & polymer clay. 

  • They are surprisingly lightweight and nickel-free.
  • Made by hand in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia

Caring for Your Clay Earrings:

  • Do not wear while swimming or in the shower.
  • Consider putting your earrings in after your make up and hair routines, as make up and hair products can stain your earrings.
  • Consider storing clay earrings separate from other earrings as they can be easily scratched. Clay is durable but you should still handle with care (do not bend or treat roughly). Clay is a porous material and that means your earrings can get dirty. To clean them, gently wipe with a damp cloth or for more stubborn stains, spot clean with a light amount of rubbing alcohol or acetone. These processes can remove a small layer of clay, so cleaning this way needs to be done gently.

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