Sketch by Sketch: Emma Fitzgerald

Sketch by Sketch: Emma Fitzgerald



'FitzGerald's intimate, detailled lines remain packed full of sharp observation and casual charm.'
-Tara Thorne, The Coast

'The immediacy of her sketches and endearing subject matter will appeal to any inquisitive armchair traveler or urban sketcher . . . and certainly gave this reviewer an insight into an unknown part of the world'.
- Murray Dewhurst, Urban Sketchers correspondent

'FitzGerald’s drawings remain fresh and direct. Charming sketches, clearly executed quickly – in the moment....FitzGerald has an engaging conversational style of writing . . . the highlights for me are her cleverly annotated overheard conversations.'
- Marc Taro Holmes, Citizen Sketcher

'FitzGerald has carved out her own niche as an artist who draws cities and buildings and special places, as a chronicler of the history of communities, a teller of stories of lives spent in particular places.'
- Lisa Cochrane, The Chronicle Herald