Black Tea Trio (Fair Trade Certified)


A variety pack of top selling Black Tea flavours:

  • African Chai
  • Kenyan Earl Grey
  • Mount Kenya Black

PREMIUM STACKING TINS: Each tin perfectly stacks together. Comes with a hand-carved Kenyan teaspoon.

FAIR TRADE VERIFIED: Direct-Fair-Trade from JusTea's partners in Kenya. Small-batch and hand-plucked. 15+ CUPS PER FLAVOUR: Re-steep for 30 cups. Total per unit is 45 cups (re-steep for 90). Net weight: 106g/3.7oz

GARDEN TO CUP FRESHNESS: JusTea's direct-trade partnership gives you the freshest tea possible and the farmer a fair wage.

FLAVOUR ELEVATION: Grown at the highest elevation tea gardens in Africa, these leaves have a more complex and full flavour.

FOCUSED ENERGY: This tea contains just enough caffeine to get you energized and focused, without the jitters or crash from a cup of coffee. 100%

NATURAL INGREDIENTS: Organically grown, no pesticides or chemicals are sprayed on our tea leaves.

CERTIFIED: Non-GMO and Rainforest Alliance

P.S. JusTea is a Canadian company, based in Vancouver, BC!

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