Amy Richard

Amy Richard
Hi, I'm Amy!
I am the most curious person you'll ever meet ... like ever.
I'm a big dreamer, and I love real estate investing. For the past few years I have been focused on my full time role in Property Management, and have renovated and now rent out my own portfolio of properties too! When I'm not swinging a hammer, I'm devoted to my fur babies, Billy & Chloe. I also have this thing with turquoise... and I LOVE FUN.
I love making friends ... no ... like seriously it's my thing. At the dog park, at the grocery store, in the elevator ... everywhere. As Halifax Paper Hearts' Dreamer & Friend Maker, I am truly living out my dreams of being a business owner and making friends for a living. I am focused on finding and nurturing relationships within our family of retail besties!
Let's be friends. No seriously ... Can we be?
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