You Got This... Just Keep Swimming.


I spent one morning drawing this little guy while looking out at the ocean in Florida. Fear almost always keeps me out of the water (and lots of other things). I'm almost always 100% convinced that sharks, alligators, and/or other sea monsters are going to drag me to my untimely end.

Isn't it strange how we hold ourselves back? How the stories that we tell ourselves keep us from experiencing life to the fullest? In breakups, relationships, with new opportunities, in everyday life - remember to have courage & keep swimming.

Show your support and encouragement with our courageous little goldie. Don't forget to include some words of encouragement inside!

Product Description:

  • 4" x 5.5" horizontal folded greeting card
  • Comes with an envelope and plastic sleeve
  • Designed, printed in small batches & hand packaged in Halifax, Nova Scotia
  • Free shipping in Canada & the U.S.

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